Hoover Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Available in a silver and blue finish, Hoover’s SE71_VX05 meets the latest in European eco-design, boasting an A-rating for energy efficiency. This lightweight model offers powerful dust pickup across a variety of floor types.

With a 1.5 litre capacity, this bagless vacuum can clean for longer without needing to be emptied. The dust bin is easy to remove and easy to empty, so there’s no need to get your hands dirty – simply hold the release button, lift the handle and tip away any dust and debris.

Top to Bottom Cleaning

A range of attachments and features on this Hoover model make it easier than ever to clean your whole house. A 1.5-metre stretch hose gives you greater flexibility, so you can get into tricky spots or ceiling corners for a complete clean.

Not only this, but the SE71_VX05 is lightweight and compact, weighing just 3.8 kg. This makes it even easier to clean up high, or carry the vacuum from room to room as you clean your way around the house.

The five-metre power cable on this model gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre – keep carpets clean from corner to corner.


Hoover’s handy Two-in-One Crevice and Dusting Tool is the perfect solution for getting into tight corners or behind furniture - especially when combined with the handy stretch hose. Enjoy better reach, with more precise and powerful suction.

A Pets Turbo Brush is also included, designed specifically to tackle pet hair in your carpets. Having a vacuum cleaner that can deal with hair is essential for any pet owner’s home – especially as pet hair can carry allergens and odours. The Pet Turbo Brush uses a powerful, rotating brush, loosening and lifting stubborn hairs as it goes.

Lightweight and compact, this Hoover model offers powerful suction and great room to room cleaning. Order yours today.


Type Cylinder
Power 700W
Colour Silver & Blue
Number of Tools 1
Energy Efficiency Class A
Product Weight 3.8kg