LG 1400 Spin 8kg Washing Machine

Product Code: F1496TDA

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Energy efficiency is important to a lot of people, especially when it comes to household appliances. When choosing a new washing machine for your home, why not go for the LG F1496TDA from the Mega 2 Refresh family?

It has an energy rating of A+++ -10%, which means it is 10% more efficient then the highest class currently available. This is great news for people looking for a new appliance that's easy on bills and the environment.

Suitable for the whole family

If you want a machine that is more than capable of handling those large piles of laundry, the F1496TDA has a maximum capacity of 8 kg, so it's perfect for families. If your current machine is smaller, you'll find it much easier to fit everything in. The door opens 180 degrees too, allowing you to get things in and out without the fuss.

This model also features 13 programmes, such as washes for different materials (cotton, synthetic, wool and more), as well as a crease care setting, which prevents clothes from becoming too wrinkled by spinning and stopping the drum repeatedly.

For ease of use, the front of the washing machine has a detailed digital display timer and well labelled push buttons so you always know what setting your LG F1496TDA is on. The dial in the middle of the panel has light up notches to make it easier to choose the programme you want.

Ready when you are

Some days you won't have time to put a load of washing on and wait for it to finish. That's why the F1496TDA Mega 2 Refresh has a start time delay, allowing you to postpone your wash cycle for 3-19 hours. This means you can set it to wash and spin your clothes while you're at work or when you're asleep.

For large families that want more from their washing machine while reducing their carbon footprint, the LG F1496TDA is ideal.


Energy Consumption per Year 175 kWh
Annual Water Consumption 11000 L
Spin Performance A
Spin Speed 1400 rpm
Capacity 8 kg
Number of Programmes 13
Programmes Quick Wash CyclePre-wash CycleSpin CycleCotton CycleSynthetic CycleDelicate CycleWool CycleSilk CycleRinse/Spin CycleBaby Wear CycleSkin Care CycleCotton EcoEasy Care/SyntheticBulky CycleNormal/Mixed Load CycleSports Wear CycleWrinkle-free Cycle
Water Supply (Cold/Hot) Cold
Door Hinge Left
Colour White
Height 85 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 55 cm
Weight 62 kg