Roberts Radio Bluetooth Multi-Room Speaker

Product Code: S2

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If you’re looking to pump up the volume with something stronger than a battery powered speaker, then the Roberts Radio S2 is the perfect solution. The speaker has a stylish black design, and will fit in with even the most style conscious of spaces. 

Looking for a slightly smaller speaker? Then take a look at the Roberts Radio S1.

Quality System

The three-way speaker system on the S2 delivers separate frequency ranges, which will give a smooth and clear audio experience. You can also adapt and optimise your sounds with the seven-position equaliser, as well as the separate bass and treble controllers.

Music or Radio?

When you want to play your favourite songs quickly, this Roberts Radio speaker will let you stream them all via Bluetooth or DLNA – perfect if you’ve got a friend coming over to play DJ with their music collection. There’s also NFC support for simple pairing with your smartphone.

The S2 has an internet radio platform, with all the major stations you’d expect and more, including local stations. You can say goodbye to adjusting an awkward aerial – just tune in, press the button, and you’re good to go. This could be anything from upbeat music and relaxing classics, to the latest news. Why not have a browse through one of the 20 station presets?

Built with the future in mind, this Roberts Radio speaker has Spotify Connect, which lets you play music from the app. This gives you access to millions of songs and the option to create your own playlists, all with superb quality sound.

If you download the UNDOK smartphone app (available on both iOS and Android), you’ll also have full control over your speakers from your phone.

Spread the Sound

You could use the S2 independently, or, you might want to add another speaker from the series. This will create even more impactful sound across a higher number of rooms – ideal if you want to create those party vibes at home. Sync two S2s together to create a stereo sound, and ramp up the volume and quality.  

This Roberts Radio S2 can be used wirelessly or wired, with dual-band WiFi and Ethernet, so it can be connected to your home network. This speaker has truly been made with your needs in mind.  

The S2 speaker from Roberts Radio comes with a range of features to enhance your listening experience. Add one to your basket today.


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