Samsung 1400 Spin 7kg Washing Machine

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Everyone knows about Samsung’s mobile phones and TVs these days, but did you know they also make washing machines? If you’re the sort of person who likes to have the latest technology around, the WF70F5E3W4W is perfect.

Eco Bubble Technology

This is just one of Samsung’s washing machines to feature Eco Bubble technology. It uses lots of tiny bubbles to mix air, detergent and water more effectively, meaning your clothes get all the ingredients for a great wash quickly. This has the added benefit of reducing energy consumption – an Eco Bubble wash at 15°C uses 70% less energy than a standard 40°C wash.

Kind to Clothes

The WF70F5E3W4W is gentle on your clothes. This is partly because Eco Bubble takes some of the physical mixing out of the process, but also because of Samsung’s Diamond Drum design. Pyramid shapes and smaller holes mean the clothes are treated less roughly and are less likely to snag. Baby care and wool programs mean you can hygienically clean delicate items, too.

Built to Last

This machine has a quality feel and is designed to last, while clever design features show just how much Samsung have thought about this product. The LED display makes it easy to keep an eye on the machine’s progress as you can tell how much of the cycle is left to run, and the simple, central knob makes selecting your programme easy.

Useful Programs

Some washing machines have lots of programs you’ll never use, but this Samsung model has some really useful ones. The 15 minute quick wash is sure to be a favourite, and the Super Eco Wash function is great for saving energy (especially when you consider the machine’s excellent A+++ energy efficiency rating). There’s also an outdoor care program to make sure your waterproofs stay waterproof, and a special setting for removing stains.

Overall, this machine has more features and options than most, at a great price.


Energy Consumption per Year 0.59 kWh
Annual Water Consumption 9400 L
Wash Performance A
Spin Performance B
Spin Speed 1400 rpm
Capacity 7 kg
  • Cotton Cycle
  • Pre-wash Cycle
  • Synthetic Cycle
  • Jeans Cycle
  • Soak Cycle
  • Bedding Cycle
  • Easy Ironing Cycle
  • Super Eco Wash
  • Eco Drum Clean Cycle
  • Outdoor Cycle
  • Stain Cycle
  • <
Colour White
Height 85 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 55 cm
Weight 61 kg
Input Voltage 230 V AC
Power Consumption 2400 W