Samsung Wireless Curved Soundbar

Product Code: HW_J7501XU

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Elegant design meets amazing performance with this Samsung sound bar. Listen to your media like never before, with 8.1 channels, eight amplifiers dedicated to each speaker, and high definition audio.

Available in black and silver models.

Powerful and Clear

Want to immerse yourself in your audio? Soundbars are a neat and tidy way of dramatically improving the sound quality of films, TV shows, music and more.

With 8.1 channels, the J7500 series offers remarkable performance.  A whopping eight speakers are located in the soundbar, which combine for powerful, clear sound. The two speakers on the ends of the device enhance the surround sound effect, putting you firmly in the middle of your audio.

Wireless Connectivity

A separate subwoofer comes with this soundbar to deliver fantastic bass. Feel explosions reverberate around your living room, or let the deeper tones of your music wash over you. A wireless connection means fewer cables to get tangled up and greater flexibility for you.

If your TV is a compatible Samsung model, you can connect the J7500 sound system completely wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The sleek, curving design is stunning and looks great on any TV stand. However, for a really integrated look, pair the J7500 series with a compatible curved TV.

Reduced Distortion and High Definition

For crystal clear audio, Samsung have equipped eight amplifiers for each speaker. Each amp controls certain frequencies, which helps reduce distortion when you want to crank up the volume.

High Definition (HD) audio lets you listen to music almost as if you were in the recording studio. Play your favourite songs and marvel at the sound quality, which surpasses that of CDs.

Straining to catch what the lead actor is saying? Clear Voice Technology cleverly enhances the vocal track of what you’re listening to. It isolates and boosts speech above the background noise, creating an immersive experience where dialogue isn’t muffled and lost.

Grow Your System

If you want to grow your audio setup, the J7500 offers a very flexible way of doing so. You can wirelessly add additional speakers. Connect to your Multiroom speaker collection and play music in different rooms of your house.

Order your new Samsung Soundbar today for a high quality, immersive audio experience.


Sound System Dolby Digital
Speaker Configuration 8.1
Subwoofer Type Active
Bluetooth Yes
Power Battery
Colour Silver
Height 4.8 cm
Width 123 cm
Depth 17 cm
Weight 4 kg